Naoko Usui

Meeting new people every day & sharing with people my passion. Everyone is on holiday & super happy with big smiles –that makes my day.

Austin Anderson

He has been teaching in Zermatt since 2007 and has also spent 2 seasons in New Zealand

Nicole Andrews

Having the opportunity to work at some of the world's best mountains & resorts, while meeting people who love skiing just as much as me.

Sam Colby

Seeing the glint in people's eyes & smiles on their faces as they fall in love with the sport & realize they CAN achieve what they set out to do!

Emma Fordyce

It's amazing to share with other people the sport, & the mountain, I love so much. I love being part of people's learning.

Campbell Mason

I get to ski every day & meet some pretty rad people along the way. Seeing the sense of satisfaction is the best part for me.